Corrective Holistic Exercise Kinesiology (CHEK)

 When working to correct the mechanics of a human body, it's important to understand that if your trainer or practitioner is not assessing - they are guessing. When getting started with a program, there is a bio-mechanical assessment protocol that takes place. This includes a plumb line assessment of the body, core assessment, a length tension assessment of the spine, head and hips, a primal pattern assessment, a comparative range of motion assessment of the muscles as well as an assessment of current and past pain/injury.

This data is used to design a functional exercise program based on your needs and training goals. Programs are written with scientific considerations around posture, mobility, energy systems, key muscle fibres, movement patterns and the nervous system.   

Exercise coaching is facilitated in-person. For best results, work with Nick over a 3 - 6 month time period and commit to his Corrective Holistic Exercise Kinesiology (CHEK) coaching package.

Holistic Lifestyle Coaching

We know that the body is a system of systems. Like a spider web, if one system is under stress, it will reverberate to other systems in the body. A common example of this is lower back pain that emanates from an inflamed Gastro Intestinal system through poor diet and stress management. When the G.I system is under stress, it will greatly impact on core recruitment and hence spinal stability is lost. With this example we can see that back pain can in fact be the symptom of a deeper seated issue that needs investigating.

So, it's necessary to get the whole picture of an individual to train them safely and successfully. By filling out a range of questionnaire technologies, a deeper insight is gained into where your high priority areas are, including the visceral systems, limbic centre, immune system, bone mineral density, liver function, adrenal health, to name a few of the systems assessed and considered. A 10 day food/sleep/digestion diary gives further insight into where you are currently at - and which areas can be refined.    

By completing the assessment protocols you immediately gain new levels of self awareness. Your program can then serve as a guide to move you into a state of homeostasis (balance) in your body and life.

Holistic Lifestyle Coaching is facilitated both in-person, and/or via Skype. For best results, work with Nick over a 3 - 6 month time frame and commit to his Holistic Exercise Kinesiology coaching package. 


When I first saw Nick two years ago I had a number of problems accumulating, including constant lower back pain, poor postural alignment, poor diet and generally no sense of direction. All I knew was that I wanted to be pain free, feel good in my body again and continue my career as a professional bodyboarder.

From the first day seeing Nick, not only was I comfortable and relaxed around him, but I could tell he was extremely knowledgeable and his positive aura left me with a boost of energy towards my goals. After being assessed by Nick he wrote my first program. After a few weeks of following the program I was already in a lot less pain and feeling much more mobile. In a few months I could see real physical changes - and I think the hugest benefit, which I didn’t expect, was the holistic side of the program.
— Tom
Investing in sessions with Nick has taken me on the most powerfully transformative journey I have ever been on! When I first met Nick, I was unable to walk, sit, lay down, or sleep without excruciating lower back pain, due to a pinched nerve and bulging disks. Not only did Nick heal the pain through remedial massage, corrective movement & exercise - he supported me through my journey inward. Within less than a year, I have not only seen myself physically and mentally the strongest I have ever been, but I have achieved personal goals and dreams that I honestly never believed would become a reality for me!
— Naomi