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A 5 Week Course for Men, Supporting Holistic Health, Freedom & Connection

Conquest is designed to create a sacred space for Men to openly, confidentially and safely explore and expand their knowledge the areas of:

  • Communication

  • Authentic Self Expression

  • Vitality

  • Health & Nutrition

  • Sex

  • Qi Gong

  • Functional Movement Training

  • Accountability

  • Dream weaving

This is your chance to learn the science, philosophy and practice of Holistic Health, Personal Freedom and Deeper Connection to life and loved ones. Alone we SINK, together we SAIL. Inside this group you will not only develop a tool kit for personal empowerment, but connect with like-minded Men who are looking to better themselves and their experience in life.

About the Facilitator - Nick Perry

Nick Perry is a holistic lifestyle coach who is passionate and driven by authentic relating and inspired living. Nick’s education in Corrective Health & Exercise Kinesiology draws from personal mentoring and learning from some of the world’s leading healers and physical therapists. Known for his deep presence and down-to-earth nature, Nick’S goal when working with clients is to leave them feeling empowered and aligned in themselves (Physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually).


Weekly meet-ups every Wednesday (see dates below).

Sessions run for 2 – 2.5 hours.

* On the 15th of December it’s a Saturday full morning session (approx. 6 hours).

14th November 6PM

21st November 6PM

28th November 5:30AM

5th December 5:30AM

12th December 6PM

15th December (Early morning)


Southern Gold Coast


$349.00 per person – limited to 8 spots only


To register and secure your spot, contact Nick Perry

0422 158 749

Instagram - @rhythmhealth

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