Investing in sessions with Nick has taken me on the most powerfully transformative journey I have ever been on! When I first met Nick, I was unable to walk, sit, lay down, or sleep without excruciating lower back pain, due to a pinched nerve and bulging disks. Not only did Nick heal the pain through remedial massage, corrective movement & exercise - he supported me through my journey inward. Within less than a year, I have not only seen myself physically and mentally the strongest I have ever been, but I have achieved personal goals and dreams that I honestly never believed would become a reality for me!
— Naomi
My sessions with Nick are like no other training I have ever experienced. The work we do together is dynamic, challenging and gratifying, and isn’t constrained to a purely psychical regime. After only a few weeks working with Nick I am completely pain free with increased mobility, increased strength and the most confident I’ve felt in my body in years.
— Tim
After a solid decade of weight training and surfing my body seemed to be falling apart. Despite having good strength, my lower back was a mess, a rib was frequently dislocating and my whole body was just aching. To say finding Nick was a blessing is a huge understatement! With a thorough analysis of my body structure, diet, thought processes and lifestyle, Nick designed a program which has changed my life! I have re-built my body and I’m feeling better than I’ve ever felt!
— Mark
A year ago, I came to Nick to help me prepare physically and mentally for my trip to Mt Everest at the end of the year. We went through a full bio – mechanical assessment I was shocked at some concerns that Nick had picked up that seemed not as important to me. It has definitely been an interesting journey and I’ve learnt a lot about my body and mind thanks to an extremely welcoming, knowledgeable and supportive guy that Nick is.

I have so much admiration for everything that Nick does. I genuinely know that from his teachings, I have grown as a person and he has led me to discover so many things about myself that are way beyond the surface.

Nick is so full of wisdom, philosophy and inspiration it’s ridiculous. I would highly recommend him to anyone!
— Jenny
When I first saw Nick two years ago I had a number of problems accumulating, including constant lower back pain, poor postural alignment, poor diet and generally no sense of direction. All I knew was that I wanted to be pain free, feel good in my body again and continue my career as a professional bodyboarder.

From the first day seeing Nick, not only was I comfortable and relaxed around him, but I could tell he was extremely knowledgeable and his positive aura left me with a boost of energy towards my goals. After being assessed by Nick he wrote my first program. After a few weeks of following the program I was already in a lot less pain and feeling much more mobile. In a few months I could see real physical changes - and I think the hugest benefit, which I didn’t expect, was the holistic side of the program.
— Tom
It is with copious amounts of joy that I give a testimonial for Nick Perry.

I walked through the doors where Nick works just over one year ago. I came looking for answers on so many aspects of my life and after just one functional movement class at the studio I was very intrigued in what they were teaching. The weeks that followed were the beginning of a most enlightening period for me...no joke....an awakening!

I am a 37 yr old mother of 3 bubbly, vibrant kids (Rex 6, Leni-May 4 and Harvey 2) and a wife to my husband, Tiger. My main interest / hobby / job is an artist. I love cooking, leading a healthy lifestyle, thrive off seeing lots of live music and have taken to surfing of late.

After an initial consultation with Nick, it was so comforting to know that all of my health issues and concerns could be treated and addressed through diet, specific exercise, and intense coaching. Thankfully the program is based around you making the changes and following through with the recommendations / exercises. Training with Nick has opened up a plethora of natural therapies, alternative medicines for my family and organic health stores/markets that I now believe in and whole heartedly trust. I will never look back.

To make the experience just that much more enjoyable, and life changing, Nick is attentive, non-judgemental, passionate, always furthering his own knowledge for you and his clients but best of all, he laughs at life and himself - making mistakes like we all do. This personality trait is most endearing and will always put you at ease.

If there is one journey I encourage you to embark on ... it is a holistic lifestyle and exercise coaching course with Nick Perry. Your life will just keep getting better...and better. I guarantee it.
— Gabby
About a year ago Nick put together a personalised CHEK program for me based on a full bio-mechanical assessment. Having inured my back 10 years ago, it’s been something I’ve always had to work on and maintain.

We’ve focused on postural alignment, muscle balance, and inner unit conditioning. I can honestly say it’s the fittest and strongest I’ve felt in years. It’s not just the physical aspect of training that’s made a difference, but also nutritional coaching that has increased my energy levels, stamina, and reduced gut inflammation to allow my core unit to actually work properly.

Nick is such a genuine character, very personable and articulate in the way he communicates. Stepping into a CHEK training session with him is no different. He’s so easy to connect with and has such enthusiasm and vitality; you can’t help but feel it rubbing off.

What I like about Nick’s approach is that he really listens to what’s going on with the body and mind to tailor the session accordingly. He has the knowledge and experience to get the best out of you, and has really helped me find a path to my better self.
— Chris