Name: Timothy Evans


Age: 32

Occupation: Project Manager

When I started training with Nick I was naive to the depth of knowledge & offerings that our sessions would come to entail. I initially was looking to work with someone who could help me build strength whilst addressing an ongoing back injury.

Our sessions together were like no other training I had experienced. The work we did together (& are continuing to) is dynamic, challenging, gratifying & isn’t constrained to a purely psychical regime.

It wasn't long before Nick had me pain free with increased mobility & feeling stronger & more confident in my body than I had felt in years. But our work together also explored many other facets in my life such as mental and emotional awareness.

Nick’s holistic approach and thoroughness to detail means that you experience a unique program that caters specifically to your body and mind. Nick is genuinely interested in clients wellbeing & always comes from a place of empathy when it comes to deriving each session. Whether it be instinctual or a subtle tactical gesture, Nick always leaves a little room to examine elements that invairably creep up when you start to explore yourself in a program like this. This caring & curious approach leads to expanding knowledge and recognition within your own ability.

Training isn't limited to the time you spend together either - Nick generously empowers his clients by sharing resources and developing programs that can be accomplished in your own day to day routine. One of the most positive & open people I have ever come across I would honestly & confidently recommend anyone looking to build a better self and life to get in touch. I am 6 months in & I feel like I am only starting to discover the infinite possibilities that our work together can lead to for an improved self.

Do yourself a favour & reach out to the man.

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Name: Jennifer Sajorda Robertson        

Age: 24

Occupation: Writer / Photographer

A year ago, I came to Nick to help me prepare physically and mentally for my trip to Mt Everest at the end of the year. We went through a full bio – mechanical assessment I was shocked at some concerns that Nick had picked up that seemed not as important to me. It has definitely been an interesting journey and I’ve learnt a lot about my body and mind thanks to an extremely welcoming, knowledgeable and supportive guy that Nick is.

I have so much admiration for everything that Nick does. I genuinely know that from his teachings, I have grown as a person and he has led me to discover so many things about myself that are way beyond the surface.

Nick is so full of wisdom, philosophy and inspiration it’s ridiculous.

I would highly recommend him to anyone!

Name : Gabby Robbins

Age: 37

Occupation: Mother/A

It is with copious amounts of joy that I give a testimonial for Nick Perry.

 I walked through the doors where Nick works just over one year ago. I came looking for answers on so many aspects of my life and after just one functional movement class at the studio I was very intrigued in what they were teaching. The weeks that followed were the beginning of a most enlightening period for awakening!

I am a 37 yr old mother of 3 bubbly, vibrant kids (Rex 6, Leni-May 4 and Harvey 2) and a wife to my husband, Tiger. My main interest / hobby / job is an artist. I love cooking, leading a healthy lifestyle, thrive off seeing lots of live music and have taken to surfing of late.

 After an initial consultation with Nick, it was so comforting to know that all of my health issues and concerns could be treated and addressed through diet, specific  exercise, and intense coaching. Thankfully the program is based around you making the changes and following through with the recommendations / exercises. Training with Nick has opened up a plethora of natural therapies, alternative medicines for my family and organic health stores/markets that I now believe in and whole heartedly trust. I will never look back.

 To make the experience just that much more enjoyable, and life changing, Nick is attentive, non-judgemental, passionate, always furthering his own knowledge for you and his clients but best of all, he laughs at life and himself - making mistakes like we all do. This personality trait is most endearing and will always put you at ease.

 If there is one journey I encourage you to embark on ... it is a holistic lifestyle and exercise coaching course with Nick Perry. Your life will just keep getting better...and better. I guarantee it. 

Name: Chris 'Bill' Winchester

Age: 33

Occupation and main sport/activity: Deckhand at Sydney Ferries, Surfer, Bodyboarder, CHEK enthusiast

 About a year ago Nick put together a personalised CHEK program for me based on a full bio-mechanical assessment. Having inured my back 10 years ago, it’s been something I’ve always had to work on and maintain.

We've focused on postural alignment, muscle balance, and inner unit conditioning. I can honestly say it’s the fittest and strongest I've felt in years. It's not just the physical aspect of training that’s made a difference, but also nutritional coaching that has increased my energy levels, stamina, and reduced gut inflammation to allow my core unit to actually work properly. 

Nick is such a genuine character, very personable and articulate in the way he communicates.  Stepping into a CHEK training session with him is no different. He's so easy to connect with and has such enthusiasm and vitality; you can't help but feel it rubbing off.

What I like about Nick's approach is that he really listens to what’s going on with the body and mind to tailor the session accordingly. He has the knowledge and experience to get the best out of you, and has really helped me find a path to my better self.  



Name: Tim Boreham

Age: 32

Occupation and/or main sport - activity: Surfer, Basketball, and freelance media/journalist.

Nick is the most positive human I have ever met, he is always open to listen but also constantly pushes to get the best out of me. Training with Nick has done far more than just help my physical state but also improve my mental state by showing me that our whole body is interconnected. I have learnt that we need to look after ourselves in all aspects, from our movement, our thoughts, what we eat and how we breathe. Training with Nick has eradicated by back problems and I get excited about each session to see my progress. 



Mandy Zieren

Age: 35

Occupation and/or main sport - activity:  Surfing/BodyBoarding Hospitality Professional Photographer

I have had the pleasure of knowing Nick for some time now, we shared a passion for the sport of "Bodyboarding" and even shared the same sponsors. As I got to know Nick (as teenagers) I realised very fast that he was years beyond his age when it came to maturity and his views on the world, he had a sharp, healthy outlook on life.

 I have had severe back pain and discomfort since my early teenage years. Over the course of time it progressively got worse and worse. I tried everything, Physio, Chiro, Acupuncture, Scenar, Massage, Back specialists I even had a minor operation, but NOTHING took my pain I would only get RELIEVE for a couple of days or just a few hours. I took copious amounts of pain killers day in and day out.

I had sleepless nights, I had anxiety, depression and as a result my work suffered, my career as a professional Athlete suffered (it actually ended my career) and my relationships suffered all because of pain. I would cry all the time and basically got to the point were I could barely walk at times, I couldn't think straight I saw no solution to my problem!

I was at my wits end when a good friend told me about this Holistic trainer I need to see as he too had suffered from chronic back pain and was now getting results he didn't think were possible. “Yeah yeah” I thought to myself, “I’ve done everything I can, I've seen more health care professionals than one can poke a stick at - it's not going to work”, I said ...

The world works in mysterious ways - I wasn't going to see this mysterious 'holistic trainer' so the Universe put him in front of me….

After many years of no contact with Nick, he appears: a happy, bouncing, smiling ball of energy standing in front of me, munching on beetroot leaves at the organic markets. It turns out he was the 'Holistic Trainer' my friend was telling me about - small world indeed.

I start training with Nick and I kid you not, after two sessions the results were out of this world, I was completely blown away by the knowledge, the spirit, the energy, the love and the healing powers he seemed to have.

It's now 6 Months down the track, I sleep better, I eat better, I think clearer, I can drive a car without pain, I work without pain, sleep, work, move without pain and best of all I can surf without pain. I have NO pain. Life is so great without pain :) I've now realised it's actually very simple to live without pain once you have the right tools and guidance.

I can not recommend Nick more highly as a Holistic Lifestyle Coach and Exercise Coach. Nick has changed my life, my outlook on the world and especially the outlook I have of myself. His positivity and cheerfulness makes the whole journey so easy, light-hearted and fun.

I can't thank him enough.

Tom Rigby

Age: 23

Occupation and/or main sport - activity:  Professional Bodyboarder, Skateboarding

When I first saw Nick two years ago I had a number of problems accumulating, including constant lower back pain, poor postural alignment, poor diet and generally no sense of direction. All I knew was that I wanted to be pain free, feel good in my body again and continue my career as a professional bodyboarder.

From the first day seeing Nick, not only was I comfortable and relaxed around him, but I could tell he was extremely knowledgeable and his positive aura left me with a boost of energy towards my goals. After being assessed by Nick he wrote my first program. After a few weeks of following the program I was already in a lot less pain and feeling much more mobile. In a few months I could see real physical changes - and I think the hugest benefit, which I didn’t expect, was the holistic side of the program.

I realised the importance of my diet and discovered my metabolic type. I was eating real healthy food that was specifically balanced for the first time. We also delved into the mental and emotional side of things, which brought about a massive change me, gaining self-awareness, letting go of emotions and controlling my mind chatter. Once I had all these factors working together was when the huge changes began to occur.

After progressing through a few levels of programs with Nick I am now completely pain free in my back thanks to a stronger core and correctly aligned posture. I also feel mobile, energetic and good within my body. I’m much clearer mentally and have clear goals and direction for myself. The beauty of seeing Nick is not only the transformation I’ve had but everything I’ve learnt I still continue to use in day to day life. I now rarely need to see Nick as I can continue to maintain a healthy lifestyle with the knowledge I’ve gained. 

Mark Stapelfeldt

Age: 34

Occupation and/or main sport - activity: Artist & Photographer

After a solid decade of weight training and surfing my body seemed to be falling apart. Despite having good strength, my lower back was a mess, a rib was frequently dislocating and my whole body was just aching. Two years ago a friend recommended I go and see Nick which I did. To say finding Nick was a blessing is a huge understatement! With a thorough analysis of my body structure, diet, thought processes and lifestyle, Nick designed a program which has really changed my life. I have re-built my body through asymmetric stretching, mobilisations and lots of core strength work.

Ever since starting my program I have never had a bad back and my body feels limber and mobile whilst maintaining strength through resistance and body weight training. This is the main physical gains since meeting Nick, but I think my favourite and most meaningful aspect of our sessions has been his life coaching and just fascinating conversations covering anything from neuroplasticity to music and spirituality. After every session with Nick I feel as light as a feather, strong as an ox and full of inspiration. I always look forward to our sessions and would highly recommend Nick to anyone.